Developmental Disabilities - Community Inclusion Services

Project Shield is committed to providing developmentally disabled adults residing in San Juan County the opportunity to live meaningful lives. All clients are viewed as valued members of families and communities, not as individuals with a diagnosis to be treated. Person-centered planning empowers individuals to design their own services and supports that will enhance their lives and enable the achievement of their personal vision. Project Shield’s services include Customized Community Supports Group (formerly Day Habilitation), Community Integrated Employment, non-medical transportation services, and vocational and life skills training. The goal is to provide individuals with the greatest opportunity to learn, grow, and explore their communities.

Project Shield
620 Dekalb Road
Farmington, NM 87401
Tel. 505-325-8931

For information on the Developmental Disabilities Waiver click HERE

For more information or to find a service location near you, please call 1-800-477-7633.