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Comprehensive Community Support Services

We Promote Resiliency, Rehabilitation, and recovery

Sometimes we face challenges that aren’t exactly clinical. This could be learning new skills or accessing community resources. Comprehensive Community Support Services (CCSS) is a partnership with the client and family to support the client in reaching their goals and address barriers they are facing. CCSS focuses on five life domains: independent living, learning, working, socializing and recreation.

What Are the Benefits of CCSS?

CCSS is a program that:

  • Promotes resiliency through doing things with you, rather than for you.
  • Helps you access resources in your community such as food stamps, unemployment, and so on.
  • Coaches you on how to get through challenging situations.
  • Teaches you new skills to support your recovery.

Here are some ways that CCSS has helped:

  • A client who arrived from Colorado with no belongings was wearing clothes that were soaking wet. His CSW was able to help him find a set of clean, dry, clothes and get into a program to support him with his many needs.
  • A client who was relocating from another state was able to obtain Medicaid, food stamps, and housing resources through CCSS and has established a fulfilling life in her new city.
  • Through CCSS, a client was able to learn to cope with the stress of housing inspections and family issues with the help of her CSW.
  • A client had extreme anxiety due to a traumatic accident involving a family member. Thanks to the positive relationship between the client and her CSW, the client finally told her CSW about the trauma. The CSW was able to connect her to a therapist and since then, the client’s ability to cope with her anxiety has greatly improved.

How Can I Access CCSS?

  • Contact the PMS behavioral health location in your community to schedule an appointment for a behavioral health assessment.
  • The PMS provider will identify your needs and refer you to CCSS.
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