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Ryan's Experience with Project Shield

  • Author: Ryan
  • Date Submitted: Sep 14, 2021
  • Category: Project Shield

“For Ryan's whole life, he has had a hard time outside of the home. Involvement in school and in the community has been a struggle. Since coming to Shield, Ryan is a changed person. He always wants to go out and experience life now.”

Ryan Outside
As a young boy, Ryan was diagnosed with Autism and Developmental Delay. When he turned 18, he bounced between 6 different day programs until finally coming to Project Shield in 2012. Initially, Ryan had an extremely difficult time shifting from one activity to another and would become completely overwhelmed by noises and crowds. By keeping Ryan active in gross motor tasks and socialization, he has progressed significantly to where he can now do things he had never been able to do before. He has taken up bowling, swimming, traveling, and also began a volunteer job at the Red Apple where he cleans offices. By accomplishing his goals, Ryan now leads a more meaningful life.